Malletts Bay Boat Club
Midweek 10 Protests

  1. 3300 protested 11 regarding a port-starboard incident during the second beat.  11 acknowledged the protest and were scored RAF.

  2. Moose Taken Identity (USA91) protests Bark Ode (32096), Imagine (45), and Lift Ticket (3911) for rounding the windward mark twice, and the leeward mark once on the port side of each of their hulls.  The Race Committee was set with the pin mark to starboard not port.  This is an infraction of the Malletts Bay Boat Club course descriptions as used and explained on page 23 of the Malletts Bay log "Courses".  This paragraph explains the proper rounding method for marks based upon the position of the committee boat in relation to the starting pin.  This rule shall be used based upon the fact that no course information is available in the general race instructions.  See Courses page 26.

Witness:  Light Show - Gerry Davis

Protest Committee Findings:  Protest Committee for Thursday night, July 31st, has made the decision to disqualify Bark Ode (32096), Imagine (45), and Lift Ticket (39111) for rounding marks to port as opposed to starboard.  The log states "if only numbers are used, all marks will be kept to the same side as the starting mark located at the opposite end of the starting line from the Race Committee."  The starting mark was located to starboard of the race committee.

  1. Bark Ode (32096) files for consideration of redress by protest committee.  Bark Ode sailed the course as described by the PRO for the evening, Dick Villamil.  Bark Ode asked the PRO twice which way to round the marks.  He said both times "Port".  This information lead us to believe that this was the correct course.  We apply redress according to rule 62.1.

Protest Committee (Heather Rowe, Bill Fastiggi, Don Brush) Findings:  Request for redress was filed properly.  Race Committee improperly hailed oral instructions on the water, which clearly were contrary to the Sailing Instructions.  Bark Ode, Lift Ticket, and Imagine sailed an improper course as per improper oral instructions.

Ruling:  Light Show and Moosetaken Identity sailed the proper course and were awarded their proper finishing positions pending disqualification of Bark Ode, Lift Ticket, and Imagine (first and second).  Bark Ode, Lift Ticket, and Imagine are awarded average points for the series as their finishing position for the race.