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Protest Room

From Midweek 12 - 19AUG04 - Protest Committee:  Bill Rogers, Gerry Couture, Sam Pratt.

 Protest 1: Slippery vs 3225 at first leeward mark.  8/19/2004

"Slippery on Port entered the 2 Boat Length circle at the first leeward mark. 3225 was astern, but overlapped and on Starboard. 3225 hailed starboard, but turned up instead of gybing. 3300(LKP) hailed for room at the same time. 4008 (slippery) responded to 3225's hail inside the 2 boat circle and began to make room for 2 boats. 3225 repeated the starboard hail, turned up instead of turning to gybe. 3225 T-boned 4008 approx 2 feet ahead of transom. 4008 hailed protest, flew a red flag."


Slippery , USA 3225 and LKP were all overlapped within the 2 boat length circle at the first leeward mark. LKP was the inner most boat on starboard with an inside overlap on USA 3225. USA 3225 was also on Starboard as evidenced by her boom placement over the port side of the boat.  USA3225 also had an inside overlap on Slippery.  USA 3225 hailed Starboard twice before heading up in order to make room for LKP.  Rule 18.2A states When Boats are overlapped , the outside boat shall give the inside boat room to round or pass the mark or obstruction, and if the inside boat has the right of way, the outside boat shall also keep clear”


Slippery failed as give way boat to keep clear of the right of way boat thus breaking rule 18.2(a). Slippery is disqualified from the race.   USA 3225 broke rule 14 by contacting Slippery, however since there was no damage and USA3225 was right of way boat, this there is no penalty.

 Protest 2: Yeti vs 3225 at first leeward mark.

 “LKP was overlapped Yeti who was overlapped 3225. 3225 did not leave room for boats to round. LKP swung stern while rounding mark and hit Yeti. Yeti hit 3225 trying to stay clear of LKP. LKP could have avoided"


 LKP and USA 3225 were both overlapped in the 2 BL circle at the first leeward mark.  LKP was the inner most boat with overlap on USA 3225. USA 3225 gave sufficient room for LKP to round the mark. Yeti proceeded to sail between USA3225 and LKP toward the mark. LKP rounded the mark and her stern made contact with Yeti, who proceeded to make contact with USA3225 while trying to avoid LKP. Yeti has protested USA3225 for failure to give room under rule 18.2  After reviewing photographic evidence is is evident that Yeti was clear astern at the 2 boat length circle. There was not sufficient room between LKP and USA3225 for Yeti to pass through.  Rule 18.2(c)states  “If a boat is clear ahead at the time she reaches the 2 boat length circle, the boat clear astern shall thereafter keep clear”  


It is ruled that Yeti did not have overlap before the 2 Boat length zone, therefore she is in violation of Rule 18.2(c) and is disqualified.


Protest#3  LKP vs Yeti first leeward mark.   WithDrawn by LKP


Protest # 4        LKP vs Yeti at Start,                                      Withdrawn by LKP



Protest # 5     Yeti VS LKP at the Start.   Rule#16.1

 “LKP came from clear astern and established a leeward overlap. Yeti attempted to come up as soon as the overlap was established. LKP did not allow time and opportunity to come up and hit Yeti on purpose. LKP could have avoided contact”

 Facts Found:  Prior to the start   LKP had a leeward overlap on Yeti for at least 20 seconds as evidenced by timed photographic evidence. LKP headed Yeti up to wind causing her to start early and making contact. Yeti protested under  Rule 16.1 which states “When a right of way boat changes course, she shall give the other boat room to keep clear”

Rule 16.1 also states that “Give way boats must respond promptly or risk losing the protection of room.” Timed Photographic evidence from the committee boat shows overlap for at least 20 seconds between LKP and Yeti prior to the contact.


Yeti failed to meet Rule 16.1 by failing to respond quickly to the right of way boat. LKP violates rule 14 by not avoiding contact, however as right of way boat in the absence of damage she is not penalized.



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