Midweek 11 Summer Midweek

Event Date: Thurs - 8/11/2022

Event begins at: 1815

Coordinator: Bretton Gardner

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First Warning: 1810
Description: An evening series for PHRF and One-Design boats. Traditionally, this series provides informal racing and provides the beginning racer, or the owner of a non-class boat the opportunity to participate. Featuring 7 classes and 5 starts (see Sailing Instructions).
-Class A: Spinnaker PHRF Handicap 99 and lower
-Class B: Spinnaker PHRF Handicap 102-144
-Class C: Spinnaker PHRF Handicap 147-177
-Class D: Spinnaker PHRF Handicap 180 and higher
-Class JAM: Non-spinnaker (maximum rated PHRF genoa)
-Class J: J24 One Design Class.
-Class L: Centerboard boats Portsmouth Handicap System
Eligibility: Open to members and non-members.
Registration: At the Signal Boat
Scoring: PHRF and Portsmouth will be scored time-on-time.
One-Design by finish time. Each boat's series score shall be the total excluding 20% of the worst scores.
Venue: Inner Malletts Bay
Courses: Windward Leeward / Triangle courses

Sailing Instructions