Benedict Arnold PHRF

Event Date: Sat - 10/8/2022

Event begins at: 1100

Coordinator: David Klebanoff

Warning Signal: 1100
Eligibility: Open to members and non-members boats with Lake Champlain PHRF certificate.
General Description:
This race commemorates the Revolutionary War naval Battle of Valcour which occurred on Friday, October 11, 1776, between an American fleet commanded by Benedict Arnold and a British fleet under the authority of Sir Guy Carleton, though he was not the operational commander.
The weather that day was clear with a northerly wind. Snow could be seen on the mountains. The American fleet was anchored across the Valcour Channel from near Bluff Point to the New York shore. There were 500 non-sailors in this fleet. The British fleet, 700 sailors, had passed the eastern shore of Valcour Island the previous day, sailing south. In order to attack the American fleet, the British fleet had proceeded to windward up the Valcour Channel by tacking and rowing.
The first British ship was sighted by the Americans at 8 AM. The battle commenced three hours later at 11 AM with the main forces joining battle at 12:30 PM. The battle ended at 5 PM. During the battle Arnold's flag ship.
Registration: At the Signal Boat
Scoring: PHRF time-on-time.
Venue: Start and Finish near Carlton’s Prize
Course: Distance race

Sailing Instructions